Welcome to Chiang Mai!

Hey everyone, we are Johnny and Jaa. And welcome to ‘From Chiang Mai With Love’

Our story is a simple one. Jaa is born and bred in Bangkok, Thailand. A big-city girl, with a dream to travel. She made her dreams come true by becoming a flight attendant, allowing her to chase her goals around the world.

Johnny moved from Ireland to Thailand way back in 2007 to teach English in Chiang Mai. He fell in love with the city but left to chase his dream of visiting every country in the world. Along the way, he started his travel blog, One Step 4Ward.

Johnny moved to Bangkok to help grow his blog, met Jaa, and 10 years later they’re married! Now, after recently moving to Chiang Mai, they want to showcase the best of what Chiang Mai has to offer. From the best coffee shops, to awesome day-trips. We hope it helps you guys fall in love with Chiang Mai the way we have!

Want to know more? Read the Frequently Asked Questions Below!

We believe Chiang Mai is the best place in the world! And we hope our love for it shines through this blog.

Most Asked Questions

How did you guys meet?

After a night out in Bangkok, both Johnny and Jaa were tagged on some photos from a popular Bangkok cocktail bar. Johnny got his Facebook notification, clicked to the next page and thought “woah, who is that?!”.

After months of rejection, Jaa relented. A first date of ice-cream, and the rest is history.

Why did you move to Chiang Mai?

Bangkok is a fun city. But it can also feel a little too big. A little too hectic.

And to build a life together, hopefully with a growing family to come, Chiang Mai just feels right. Fresher weather, friendlier people, the mountains, the culture, the vibes.

It just feels right.

Where do you live in Chiang Mai?

We are in the process of building our dream home just outside the city, about a 10-minute drive from Central Airport Plaza.

After years of condo-living, we were dying to have some space in our lives again!

What’s it like being in a cross-cultural relationship?

Interesting, always interesting!

For sure, it’s not always been easy. And in our early years our lifestyles made it tough, Johnny always traveling, Jaa living in and our of airports.

But love always prevails, so after a few bumps in the road, and some steep learning curves, after 10 years it feels like we truly made it.

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